Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pictures: Summer into Fall 2009

Dancing with Nana at the wedding in Mingechevir. She's my fav.
August 2009

Jale, Me, Khadija at the wedding in Mingechevir.
It was located next to a river- really quite pretty!
August 2009

The view of the Blue Mosque at night (from our guesthouse!)
August 2009

Johanna, Caroline (her mom) and me drinking tea in the huge Turkish bazaar!
We found a guy who had lived in New Orleans for years and decided to move back to Turkey after Hurricane Katrina. He was so fun and sweet, and charmed us with his extremely American accent, but also extremely Turkish-man ways!
August 2009

Johanna and Me on a boat in Boyukada.
August 2009


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Those are some gggrrreeeaaattt pictures.

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