Friday, February 19, 2010

Azerbaijan in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

World Map Project

This is the World Map Project, developed by a PCV and reproduced often by current PCVs! I'm planning on doing this in the new Resource Room at my school! Hopefully ours will look as great as this one! In this picture, my good friend Löki is helping a PCV in Thailand with his project. She did this while she was on vacation there! Amazing :)
Here's some more info about it:
The World Map Project brings people together to create large, colorful maps of the world.
Initiated by a Peace Corps Volunteer, this project promotes geography literacy in an
engaging way while also building a sense of community among mapmakers. It is one
example of how Volunteers meet the goals of their Peace Corps service.

Since 1988, enthusiastic Volunteers have carried this highly acclaimed program to over
40 countries around the world. Returned Volunteers have spread the idea across the
U.S. as well. Because of the wide appeal of the activity, this guide (a revision of an earlier
manual) has been written for many different groups: U.S. teachers, Peace Corps Volunteers,
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, scout leaders, youth workers, and others.

February 27th is the tentative date that we're planning on doing this in our village! Wish us luck!