Thursday, March 5, 2009

I had some more time, so here are more pickas!

My school director in super serious mode (usually he's always laughing!), his wife, me and a neighbor (I think, haha)

My school! This is the view from my house window!The kids are lining up waiting to start their day!

Mud Volcanoes!!!! One of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.

We had a surprise yard guest the other day! haha. My host family thought it was hilarious that this never happened in America. ha.

Another surprise guest. I walked into the kitchen to get a piece of bread, and got a lovely view of what was to be for dinner that night.

Some Pics from the last 5 months or so

Our lovely Christmas fireplace, complete with stockings and stocking gifts! Jane was a lovely hostess, and a fabulous artist!

My host family in Liman!
Leman (11), Rada (mom), Me, Jale (21) and Khadija (19)
My host family in Masazir.
top row: Mati, Me and Gulchin
bottom row: Fatma (mom) and her sis-in-law

My training group learning how to make dolma with Amy's host mom. Notice Josh just chilling on the couch. He was forbidden to help in the kitchen. Instead he was given a hot glass of tea and told not to worry his pretty little face.
My besties here. Me, Lexi and Johanna! This was one of the first days in the country!