Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sualim Var. (I have a question)

I am incredibly appreciative of what the military does for our country. I think anyone who is in the military makes an incredible sacrifice for our country, often affecting far more people than just themselves. Families and friends of people in the military have it the hardest, no doubt. I can't imagine sending a son or daughter or a brother or sister off to war, never knowing what might happen.

My question is: Are other forms of service to our country seen in the same light? And if not, what is the general opinion of organizations such as Peace Corps, Foreign Service, etc?

I definitely know how I feel about all of the things and people mentioned above, but I'm curious to hear what other people think?


Jane said...

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I've been reading your blog lately.

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löki gale said...

I found your blog - yo! (actually, I found it off of Hiba's blog - so it was not that hard for me...guess I may be a bit lazy).


paulette said...

We r going on church retreat this weekend - I plan to POLL for you. Hope Turkey was fab