Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Pics from the last 5 months or so

Our lovely Christmas fireplace, complete with stockings and stocking gifts! Jane was a lovely hostess, and a fabulous artist!

My host family in Liman!
Leman (11), Rada (mom), Me, Jale (21) and Khadija (19)
My host family in Masazir.
top row: Mati, Me and Gulchin
bottom row: Fatma (mom) and her sis-in-law

My training group learning how to make dolma with Amy's host mom. Notice Josh just chilling on the couch. He was forbidden to help in the kitchen. Instead he was given a hot glass of tea and told not to worry his pretty little face.
My besties here. Me, Lexi and Johanna! This was one of the first days in the country!


Shannon said...

Hi Jackie...You don't know me... but I am one of Jane's friends! Please tell her hello for me! and to her parents too, you may have actually met the mini-version of me while at Jane's place (I am the real Shannon!).

Shannon Lobe

paulette said...

Oh please! I had a deer in my backyard just last week. We americans aren't that latent.HaHa The pix were great, how about one w/o eyebrows:(? I'd love to swim in that mud. You're family is beautiful, I'll show to Olivia when she comes home from her weekend at the lake w/church group. You look sooo happy!!

Charles said...

Nice pics. I forgot my password here and tried to reply unsuccesfully a few times..

Charles said...

Hope you're still enjoying it by the way. America misses ya!