Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I hope no one else was thinking this after my last blog, but I do NOT NOT NOT need toilet paper. I know where the store is to get it. Also, I live in the South so we are the region that has fruit, even though it's a bit expensive. I eat an apple every day.

I. AM. FINE!!! (in both meanings of the word)



Katie's Belize said...

Hope you are coping with your extremely hard to find tp and outrageous apples.

I miss you terribly.

paulette said...

Isn't it commical that toilet paper and fruit would be the most crucial items of interest to those who love you? Have sent two very nice packages, hope you get them in tact. Did NOT include tp or fruit.

Linda in Azerbaijan said...

Hi Jackie I love your blog. I want to use some of your 411 on my blog site. Linda in Ganja